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Technical Delivery Requirements

MVault currently accepts high-quality files for deployment in corrections and other systems which meet the following technical specifications.

Feature files need to be 1080p, 20Mbps - 30Mbps, in H.264 AVC Part 10 (AVC1) format, with a single channel of stereo audio only. All files delivered exclusively through AWS S3.

Assets should be placed in a folder named with either a vendor ID, or the film’s common name without capitalization and use of dashes in place of spaces, ex: “title-name”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not include spaces, special characters (ex: ! ? & , ' " / ) or non-English letters (ex: ñ, ä, ø) in any file and/or folder name when uploading assets.

Asset names should contain both the vendor ID/common name and asset type separated by an underscore, as seen below.

If vendor IDs are used, the vendor ID MUST be an included metadata field.

An example delivery, with a vendor ID of 78348512 is given below:

Type Description Required S3 Key Example
Feature Film Transcoded 20Mbps to 30Mbps 1080p h.264 mp4 Yes provider/78348512/78348512_FF_US-EN_01_20000.mp4
Preview Film Transcoded 20Mbps to 30Mbps 1080p h.264 mp4 No provider/78348512/78348512_PV_US-EN_01_20000.mp4
Poster Key Art 2:3 ratio, >= 1200x1800 JPG Yes provider/78348512/78348512_KA_US-EN_01.jpg
Supplemental Art (horizontal/etc) Varying ratios depending on art type No provider/78348512/78348512_SA_US-EN_01.jpg
Metadata JSON, CSV, XLS, or XLSX format Yes provider/78348512/78348512_MD_US-EN_01.xlsx
Subtitle / Timed Text Order of preferred format: SRT, VTT, USF, ITT, SCC Yes provider/78348512/
Feature & Trailer Assets Spec:
Name Dimensions Bitrate Format Container Type Framerate Color Space Chroma SS GOP Ref Frames
Full HD 1920 x 1080 20Mbit H.264 AVC Main Level 4.1 MP4 Progressive Video Native and Constant YUV 4:2:0 M=3, N=80 2
First Stereo Track 2-channel Stereo 320 to 512kbit / 48khz / 16bit AAC Low Complexity (LC) MP4 L R