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Entertainment for Corrections Markets

MVault is a preeminent supplier of motion pictures, television programming and digital games to the international corrections markets. Our team works closely with telco and other partners to provide highly curated content specially configured for the corrections audience and systems within facilities. Delivering content into correctional and other security-driven facilities requires both technical and subjective cataloging knowledge that is far more complex than the vast majority of OTT and media platforms outside the corrections industry. MVault has assembled a specialized team of subject matter experts who are effective in licensing and delivering content that will be approved quickly and generate significant momentum within the systems and customers MVault supplies.


Competitive Approach for Corrections

MVault’s team has decades of real world media licensing and marketing experience which translates to efficient and effective content packaging for the corrections industry. A distinct advantage is MVault’s deep roots in independent and other high-level creative industries which provides our customers with engaging content that can be offered for prices that deliver significant “bang for the buck” for the end customer. Many of the titles curated by the MVault team have achieved popularity outside the corrections world but have not had opportunities to be included for presentation to the corrections market. Much of this content is not tied down with complex major studio terms and conditions and provides MVaults customers with affordable top notch entertainment. This win-win dynamic is a proven key element in the MVault strategy and has proven to be incredibly potent for MVaults customers and end users of the platforms.


Content Standards for Corrections

MVault currently services hundreds of thousands of inmates through the distribution of hand held computer tablets. This market is growing daily and the demand for quality entertainment to present on these devices is high. This opportunity is not appropriate for all providers or for all content. The first step is to determine if all of the submitted content follows strict standards which have been developed in partnership with MVault’s partners and departments of corrections.

The following guidelines are provided for reference only:

Rating Certification Process
G Automatically Approved
PG, TV-PG Automatically Approved
PG-13, TV-14, NR Review Case by Case
R,TV-MA Review Case by Case
# Status Description
1 Approved Arguments, Martial arts, Boxing, Comic book style action, Light blood, Explosions
2 Approved Fight Scenes, Shooting, Battle scenes, War
3 Approved Kidnapping, Non-Graphic bodies
4 Fail Torture, Hanging, Suicide, Rape, Gang Violence, Police violence
5 Fail Graphic depiction of death and murder, Gore
# Status Description
1 Approved Light kissing, Embracing
2 Approved Provocative dancing, Shirtless men
3 Approved Reference to sex (Without Explicit Imaging)
4 Approved If Not Excessive* Women/Men in revealing clothing (Bathing Suits, Bras, Underwear)
5 Fail Nudity, Sexual behaviors
# Status Description
1 Approved Bleeped out cussing, Jesus Christ, Piss, Prick, Bastard, Damn (Or Similar Language)
2 Approved A**, S***, B****(Or Similar Language)
3 Approved If Not Excessive* Body parts, F**(Or Similar Language)
4 Fail Racial slurs
5 Fail Vulgar references or language
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
# Status Description
1 Approved Alcoholic beverages shown, Smoking cigars/cigarettes
2 Approved References to or discusses consuming alcohol, marijuana, other drugs
3 Approved If Not Excessive* Quick shots consuming alcohol, Depiction of someone under the influence, Drug Deals
4 Fail Brewing alcohol, Growing weed, Creation of other drugs
5 Fail Rolling joints, Injecting needles, Snorting cocaine, Etc.