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Content Licensing

Vaughn Juares Smith

Vaughn specializes in complex content and technology licensing matters and has negotiated and drafted deals with every major Hollywood studio and dozens of mini-majors and independents. Vaughn's recent endeavors include the turnaround, marketing, and globalization of VOD platforms in New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Vaughn was the founder and managing partner of ad tech media companies and developer of early monetization and marketing models for social media and filmed entertainment. In 1999, he co-founded SER International Corp., a Spanish-language media agency whose clients included Sony Music (Discos), Univision Music Group, EMI Latin, Fonovisa Records, and others. While leading SER, Vaughn executed key creative for multi-platinum record releases and was best known for his work with artist Pilar Montenegro whose number one Billboard Chart hit "Quitame Ese Hombre" holds a Billboard honor as one of the longest-lasting number one tracks. Vaughn also was charged with the creative and technical execution of Jennifer Peña's "Vamos Al Mundial," the official song of the FIFA World Cup written by Rudy Pérez.

Vaughn is a Los Angeles native who you can find out on the water when he's not inventing new ways to push content into the hands of movie fans.

Erik Pence

Erik Pence has spent the last 25 years building businesses in the media and entertainment industry. The diversity of his experience includes content licensing and distribution, TV production, mass media logistics, technology services for digital content as well as direct to consumer VOD businesses. His ability to bridge the communication gap between technologists and creative artists has served as the catalyst behind the success of his business ventures. Erik's enterprises have served the top 10 media companies worldwide including Apple, Comcast, Netflix, Sony, and Fox, among others.

In 2016, Erik formed Karma Media Holdings and created a vertically integrated media company through a series of acquisitions including, and, a publicly traded VOD and DVD subscription platform in Australia and New Zealand.

Born and raised in Montana, Erik now resides in Ventura California where he spends his time as a father and avid outdoorsmen.


Stephan Manpearl

Stephan Manpearl is an experienced entertainment marketing executive and UCLA instructor with decades of experience. Stephan has worked on all aspects of motion picture marketing on over 600 films including “The Karate Kid”, “Jacob’s Ladder”, “Star Trek”, “Flashdance”, “Out of Africa”, “Airplane” “Misery”, “Revenge of the Nerds”, Starman, “Black or White”, “Earth One Amazing Day,” numerous television programs for major studios, networks, and independent producers.

Manpearl has provided marketing research services for nearly every major studio in Hollywood including Paramount, Fox, Warner Bros., Universal, MGM, Disney, Columbia, New Line, Miramax, SGE and numerous production companies and producers. Stephan has served as a chief content executive and producer on scores of high level sought after projects.

Manpearl has fostered significant high-level contacts and long-standing relationships with motion picture studios, content creators as well leading independents companies, management agencies, sales agents and prominent international broadcasters through his decades long career of producing, consulting, and professoring at UCLA.